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released July 16, 2016

Mason Randles, Thomas Norman, Jeremy Klatman, Miles Thomson



all rights reserved


The Sunshine Wall Bremerton, Washington

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Track Name: Parable
abandoned by yourself here
you find you're all alone
that voice can't come from your head
you are not safe for sure
that voice comes from outside you
but you could swear it isn't real

but you could swear it isn't

can't find the way back it does not matter
subject to mind control
remain unchanging forever after
you can just stay here without a soul

he tells you where to go now
maybe he'll go away
try something new now this time
don't really have to play
you have to break the system
control your own

control your own destiny
Track Name: Shadows
the breaking of the voices
in my head i'm following the shadows
of what used to be, but getting lost
i need to carve to create a new way
for progression taking hold of me
taking back my mind from
the spiral of black hearted thoughts
to bring betrayal of the past
the last remains unspoken here
but i will create

regretting all of the lost time
the energy i spent on hate
the all consuming fire
i've found a way now to escape

the nullifying excuses
ringing hollow always now
i know much better than to change
my perception of
the responsibilities
of the effort to be made
stop bringing yourself down to waste
you are better than
the lies you keep telling yourself
cannot live till ego death
turn the pages turn the tide
get ready to unleash your life

pick yourself up go now it's not far
don't take your life to broken stars
those same relentless wasted days
take time to live before the grave
Track Name: The Storm
it's simple, the concept
look inward, and see yourself
reactions, who am i?
i wonder, could i become?
reject my reality
to create a better

relentless we go on
bringing all our lives into the storm
reactions feeding into chaos

a fortress, inside the storm
a way out, could i escape?
the outside, i found you
identify, a purpose
so it lies, and answer
the call, of freedom
Track Name: Chili Filter
on starting line, the information we got is wrong
the key is time, a serenade that's gone too long
side storyline, with an end you'll fabricate

your lies led you into the rain, i'm done playing the game
with you, you know you are the same
no escape, from what you've done
i promise you, the day will come

i cannot guess, what is said in silence
a game of chess, you've made the move to violence
get by on less, i wonder how you'll take the fall

take away expectancy, and live with what you've done
Track Name: Silence
a self imposed prison i've made, an asylum for me, and you
a testament to the hate and regret, we've fallen here
and i will never agree, and neither will you

a self imposed prison i'll sleep, i'll quietly believe
we're better off
and i won't ever be back, don't follow me to (follow me)
a place where deep decisions are made, in fire and rain, alone

i will bleed my sanity in this lonely state
existing in silence
i begin to understand my hatred i know i'm trapped in (i can break)

the ethics of understanding again, forgiveness is here
but avoiding me, never alone we're always right here
still standing tall, nothing has changed
please open the door and let me back in, i swear i am gone
nothing to fear
Track Name: Tomorrow
keep going keep going just look ahead
there's nothing behind you but dust
and the end of a time, where nothing made sense
a rosary hanging around your neck
reminder of what other people
think is best for you, and for me

this time
took your for a ride

don't stay asleep, lullabies
can't stay this way, go live life!
the way you please
no gods here
just a mortal man
and his fears
of death

you've grown and you've risen out from the lies
a truth that they cannot accept
as you live your life, one day at a time
relinquishing titles of your self worth
depending on nobody but yourself
to get by now, it's time you found out

what it means
to truly be free
Track Name: Elephant
called, awake, awake
moved by the weight of the time
mine, yours
protrusions in space and the sign
a line, a face
the maze i will try to escape
i'm not sure that i want the choice
wish, wish
abandon my thoughts and persist
the are proud, they are brave
worthy command of my mind
go inside, realize
that there isn't really a plan
they are so different

like an elephant remember
remember what my purpose is
i am the match and candle
a way of life lost through the years
reality asunder
these compromises in my ear
your wish is my command now
this elephant remaining here


fight, fight fight
a comrade i once fought beside
awake, alive,
returning to battle alight
enemy vs me
i won but i'm not sure it's right
retrieving the witch from the sky, sky
paralyzed she's lost in the chasm of mind
blind blind
cannot comprehend she is fine
who are you? where am i?
in disbelief heavy sigh
do i care?
follow the sun
Track Name: Mind State
not over, your mind plays to win, not fairly
becoming clear, this life to defend, don't run away
sky ending grave, what's left to save?
show me the dark, don't turn, away, from me

running faster now but i don't know
where you're going or where you are
can you help me save you?
i cannot see, anything left of me
once it's all said and done
walking towards the endless
oh i will

in shadows, i wait all alone
taking down my time
becoming cold, the ignorance grows
pushing me away
mortality, the end of the seas
i know you're far, from me, and you, for now

and here i stand, a failure to man
bowing out again
it's burning bright, the clouds within sight
barring the sun, the sky, our hopes, our fears
Track Name: Clown
There are so many monsters
inside us all today
beginning of an era
to live a life in pain
assuming all is wonder
a life goes easily
what lurks behind the surface
under this painted dream?

create a false life within your own
feed it and obsess within a home
so bright and so clean without a soul
to power machines for cannibals

it's running
we're hiding
not speaking
burial, expiring
all a lie
cover the truth

polished and perfect for you, a lie, a lie
faces are staring right through
the lens, inside our
fake crowns all clowns
left to the sight of the same
how can we live?
not alive like this